The Golden Lady Our Star (BALERTRAIN)

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Temporal and Mental Attributes 3. Languages, Knowledge, and Lore 5. Defaulting 7. Gifts and Flaws 5.

Quick-Reference Skill List 8. Skills Book Two: The Birth 6. Skills Described 9.

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Gifts and Flaws 42 of a Legend? Gifts Described I. C haracter Concept 14 2. Flaws Described 1. Concept 3. Sorcerous Gifts and Flaws 2. Philosophy III.

Our Lady, Star of the Sea

The Nations ofWeynh Battle 71 I. Mechanics ofMagic 1. The Role of the Gods I. Combat Gritty Realism 72 1. Derived Amibures fOr Sorcerers 2. Major, Influential Religions II.

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Melee Combat 72 2. The Nine Vagaries of Magic Described 1. Freedom and Power 1. The Siehe 3. Spell Types 4. Calculating Spell CINs 3.

The Other World 5. Missile Combat 82 VI. The History ofWeyrth 5. Formalization ofSpells III. Wealth, Stuff, and the Economy 1. Evasion 1. Spell Casting 2. Defensive Maneuvers 2. Aging 1. Coinage 3. Armor 3. Resisting Magical Anacks 2. Sources of Wealth 4. Cover 4.

Refreshing the Soocery Pool 3. Sorcerers and Sorcerous VI. An Example ofCombat 87 Characters 1. Race and the Gift 2. Sorcery in Combat 1.

Swords and Sorcery Book Eight: The 2. Mage to Mage Seneschal 3. Example Spell Casting Scenario n. Example Spells I. Movement Outside Combat 92 1. Men and Women 1.

Spells of One 1. Movement on Foot 2. Animals and Beasts 2. Spells ofThree 2. Racing and Chasing 3. Siehe and the Fey 3. Spells ofMany Rituals 3. Long-Distance Travel 4. Spells ofNone II. Encumbrance 93 5.

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Mythical Beasts X Observations on Sorcery 6. Jumping, Leaping, Falling 94 1. Out with the Old, in with the New 1. Jumping 2. A Prophet amongst Us? Leaping 3. Double-cross 3. Falling 4. The Black Sails ofFauth V. Fire, Elecnicity, and Other Nasty 5. Fatigue and Rest 96 VII. Healing and Wound Recovery ofWeyrth I.


And the Gods Formed a World Aging and Sickness 98 1. Mainlund 2. Tegaarn 0 3. Mariah u IT And Passed it on to Others. Appendices His dark click sounded inside the lock, but the door remained blue robes fit snug over his large body. His hand closed. What should I Frustrated, he sneered at his partner. Every time you come into my town, you can do any better you're welcome to try, if not, leave trouble seems to follow.

And what happened last nigjt is me be to do my work. I find it odd that the best tavern in town lock. The taller companion edged down the wall and burns to the ground and you two are found at the scene peeked around the corner. The shimmering of torchlight of the crime. Please indulge me on why I should not could be seen down the street. Not waiting to see the lock you away forever.

The two mercenaries looked at each other. Sweat dripped freely from each of the men's and da latern got knocked over. We had nuttin' ro do wit brows.


Dyrek's hands moved as skillfully as those of a. Another soft click and the door shifted slightly.

The Magistrate closed his eyes and sighed. I hold your future in the palm of my hand I'm afraid your careers as A scruffy old man, clad in chainmail and the tabard caravan guards and general troublemakers is about to come of the city guard, pulled his torch back. Your future will be to keep the rats occupied just thought I heard something down there.

Let's continue in a deep, dark dungeon under his lordship's castle. He looked back and forth between The light from the half moon lit the empty alleyway the two mercenaries. T he The light from the half full moon lit the alleyway as joints of his armor creaked in protest as he marched down two figures crouched against the wall. One hunched over, the snow, covered path.