A Gangstas Bitch Pt. 2

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Intro: Little Russ Hey muthafuckin' cube, what the fuck's wrong with you?

Onyx (feat. Platinum Plus) "Gangsta"

You didn't kick the rest of that gangsta fairytale shit. Why don't you kick it one good time. Niggas on the playground wanna know what's happenin'.

You left 'em hangin' man, what the fuck? Verse 1: Ice Cube Little boy blue is outta folsome Now them three little pigs gotta roast him Drivin' down sesame street and I bet That little muthafucker's out fuckin' smurfette Ain't saw the wolf yet, but it's no doubt They'll catch his ass slippin at his grandma house They got the MAC pointed out the coop 'Cause they gotta follow they nose like fruit loops Peeped out little miss muffet on her tuffet eatin grits She saw the MAC and the bitch had the shits Ran into her house, called up her crew Cause red riding hood wants to kill little boy blue And the wolf too, what is mister rogers doing?

Moved out his jordan, bought him a ewing Him, little boy blue and the wolf in the cellar Planning on gettin' cinderella Cause cinderella still works for the pigs Through with the dwarfs, doin' bebe's kids Now snow white got the horny ass fever Doin' the beauty's beast like jungle fever Now the word's on the street When the crews meet You better make alot of room 'Cause it's on with the pigs and them other nigs When the cow jump over the moon, everybody jump.

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Now little boy blue is up front With the nine millimeter, ready for the hunt Little red riding hood caught his ass slippin' Drew down on the boy cause the bitch is steady trippin' About to get loose with the deuce deuce. That's when the boy said, "What about the gang truce? Outro: Little Russ Yeah cube, man that shit was dope nigga.

You all that and a bowl of grits. Nigga that shit was on props, nigga.

Yeah, Murder INC. Gangsta Shit — P. Verse […] Make sure that shit be playin real loud. Me and Yuk you know.

Gangsta Niggaz — Three 6 Mafia We up all night we hip, we hip We high off that white We smokin that weed we hip, we […] Ridaz — Yukmouth Yes! Thug niggas throw yo turf in the air! Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch!

13 Chicanorap Gangsters - Mission 2 (CD) | Discogs

Throw yo hood […] Here we go! Aw there go my niggas over there!

Cardi B "Pull Up" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

Yeah there go my thugs over there! There […] Man yea […] You tryin to bite my style, steal my swag. You wanna know how […] Godzilla — Yukmouth You niggas juss created a monsta fuck a Tampa I smoke ganja up in the Bahamas racin Yamaha jet skis […] Rolex Rulez — Yukmouth Balla shit, nigga timer shit nigga Regime shit baby flossy shit, boi!