Beyond Illusion

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Contact us. Indigo Rose. Behind the butterfly is the face of consciousness, looking inward to that which is eternal. The space between the two eyes had opened, revealing the lotus of spiritual unfoldment and the rising sun of awareness.

Through the rising of the inner sun, mediation is born. Judith D. The opening of the third eye and the rising of the sun of awareness allows us to see that we must always look within for the truth. All else is illusion - dependent upon projection, judgment, perception. The book says the butterfly represents illusion, but for me butterflies will always make me think of transformation.

Beyond Illusion

This also fits neatly here, though, as we must transform our normal habits, thoughts and actions to reach the realisation of awareness. There are many bubbles of light in the background of the card - the light of truth, of new ideas, of opportunities once we can find our true nature. I think that it is such a challenge to just sit still. We must let go of our judgments if we would see other than illusions.

By judgment we mean the purely subjective reading of an objective text. We must learn to observe without projecting our thoughts onto others, imagining or making up stories about what is happening. How much do we color what we perceive with our judgments, projections or interpretations?

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If we practice describing things to ourselves just as they are we will see beyond the illusions created by the thoughts and feelings in back of our perceptions. To understand how we project our feelings about things onto other people, we may select an individual and focus on them, mentally describing them to ourself.

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If we are strictly honest, we will gradually observe the extent to which much of our world view and personal feelings are projected onto others. When we judge others, we are usually simply projecting our own self-image and perceptions onto them. One who has not taken an exhaustive self-inventory is a poor character witness. For instance, we see people yelling at their children in a store and think they are bad parents. Instead they may be tired, under pressure, or doing just what is needed for their children at that moment. Sending them love will do more to help them and ourselves!

As we practice nonjudgment and learn to see people through the eyes of compassion, we will increasingly understand their motivations and have no need to judge them, for judgment is a response to unacknowledged fear and self-doubt. We best serve evolution and ourselves by finding what is beautiful in each person we encounter and by sending light and love to him or her though our eyes, mind, and heart. We cannot serve people when we separate ourselves from them by judging them.

Our higher Self and Christ, our Teacher, do not judge us. They send us an unremitting stream of love, illuminating and encouraging in us what is beautiful and good. This empowers us to be all we can be. We may have illusions about who people are because of our attachment to them. We may tend to stress how people might fulfill more of their potential. We may not want to accept the temporary person they are manifesting right now.

Although it is good to hold a high vision of people, it is also important to see them clearly and love them for who they are at the present moment. We must focus on the strength of others rather than on their weakness. We can always acknowledge their divinity, irrespective of appearances.

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When we look only at the surface of something, we actually devalue our own person. It would be unthinkable for us to buy a house based solely on its exterior appearance, without examining its interior. In the case of human beings, they are virtually all interior.

Great masters have no trouble walking unrecognized among us. Humility and discretion enable them to assume the appearance of ordinary persons. They do not call attention to themselves by a singular manner of dress, word, or attitude and thus we may rarely recognize them. Christ was not recognized by His own people. We must learn to see people with the eyes of the soul and look beyond their outward person. As we do, we can see the reality of their higher selves. We learn to relate their activities and traits to the higher purpose they are serving, however they may appear in the isolated view.

For instance, someone whose job is typing may be using that activity to learn how to connect his mind with his hands. Carpenters may be learning how to bring their own vision and that of others from the abstract mental plane into physical reality. Think of a friend and their job.

See if you can find a deeper meaning for them in what they are doing. We cannot tell who people are from their earthly activities. It is an illusion to think that if we are spiritually evolved we must be famous or highly visible as a spiritual leader.


Many high beings live alone, working on the inner planes by radiating peace and by responding to calls for guidance from awakening souls. Many have quiet positions of service as gardeners, teachers of children, or caretakers. Only a few high beings volunteer to be conspicuous as spiritual leaders. Public consensus about what is true does not thereby make the matter true.

Numbers are not a valid criterion for determining truth. Entire populations have held erroneous opinions about reality. At one time it was thought that the sun revolved around the earth. The card reminds us to to look outside for what is real, but to look within. When we focus on externals, we too often get caught up in judgments — this is good, this is bad, I want this, I don not want that.

These judgments keep us trapped in our illusions, our sleepiness, our old habits and patterns. Drop your opinionated mind and move inside. There, you can relax into your own deepest truth, where the difference between dreams and reality is already known. This is the only distinction between the dream and the real; reality allows you to doubt, and the dream does not allow you to doubt…. To me, the capacity to doubt is one of the greatest blessings to humanity. The religions have been enemies because they have been cutting the very roots of doubt, and there is a reason why they have been doing that: because they want people to believe in certain illusions that they have been preaching….

Why have the people like Gauntam Buddha been so insistent that the whole existence — except your witnessing self, except your awareness — is just ephemeral, made of the same stuff as dreams are made of? They are not saying that these trees are not there.

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  5. Illusion does not really exist. Reality exists. Maya is just in between — it almost exists. As far as day-to-day activities are concerned, it can be taken as reality. Only in the ultimate sense, from the peak of your illumination, does it become unreal, illusory. We have just come through a major shift in energy, another step up the ladder of our consciousness.

    Some time in uninterrupted silent contemplation and meditation is definitely in order to finish the assimilation and understanding of these energies.