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I think he just snapped. He found himself out of a job and didn't feel he owed American society anything. Peterson has never given any interviews, though in his essay he denied being D.

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Cooper and claimed to have proof that he was in Nepal around the time of the crime. He could not be reached by DailyMail.

Ulis also believes that he has discovered a crucial error in the FBI's initial search for Cooper. Ullis believes that Cooper landed on Bachelor Island, several miles from the original jump zone searched by the FBI in the weeks after the skyjacking. The bills had serial numbers that matched the ransom money in the Cooper case, and were still wrapped in the original rubber bands from Ulis believes his calculations show that Bachelor Island would have been the likely landing spot after dropping cash on Tena Bar. Cooper is known to have jury-rigged a reserve parachute bag to carry the cash for the jump after discovering that the bank bag it was delivered in did not close.

Ulis has made expeditions from Arizona to Bachelor Island to search for Coopers discarded parachute. It's here. I feel strongly something is here. We just have to find it,' he told the Oregonian on one recent trip.

Has the mystery of famed skyjacker D.B. Cooper died with a Vietnam vet? | Fairview Post

Part of the money that was paid to legendary hijacker D. Cooper in is shown during an F. Fryar, the retired FBI agent, believes that the case will 'never be solved. Peterson put forward his own theory of what happened to Cooper in his essay. Consequently he wouldn't have known when to pull the ripcord.

Not being a skydiver, he probably opened the chute immediately, and at 10, feet, the wind would have carried him possibly 30 miles out over the Columbia River. I'm assuming that there would be a downdraft over the river sucking him into the water,' Peterson said. But, asked in the FBI interview whether he would have survived the jump, Peterson replied: 'Absolutely. Share this article Share. Read more: D. Share or comment on this article: New suspect in infamous DB Cooper case is named by amateur sleuth e-mail More top stories.

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Has the mystery of famed skyjacker D.B. Cooper died with a Vietnam vet?

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Hundreds of theories about Cooper's identity and whereabouts emerged over the years and a long and varied list of suspects was considered. But as the cult status surrounding Cooper grew, formal investigations went nowhere. In , after "one of the longest and most exhaustive investigations in our history", the FBI said it was abandoning the hunt for DB Cooper. In recent years, citizen investigators have claimed a number of developments as they tried to crack the case. In , scientists working for a group called Citizen Sleuths tested a tie that was left in Cooper's plane seat and found it carried traces of titanium, which, given the limited use of the metal back in , led them to suspect Cooper was a Boeing employee.

Colbert, a field producer and researcher for American investigation programmes, first became enthralled by the Cooper mystery eight years ago, when he was tipped off that cash found in Oregon in had been planted by Cooper to mislead authorities. He said he traced the money to Rackstraw, who he felt fit Cooper's profile, The Hollywood Reporter said.

DB Cooper Mystery Finally Solved?

Rackstraw, then living in San Diego, was a former army soldier familiar with parachuting and demolition. He had a criminal history — he'd been charged, then acquitted, over the murder of his stepfather, and arrested for the theft of a small plane and the possession of explosives. Colbert claimed Rackstraw told relatives he was Cooper.

He'd also been connected with the Cooper case before. Asked in a TV interview whether he was Cooper, Rackstraw gave an ambiguous reply: "Could have been, could have been," he said. Colbert told The Hollywood Reporter he used retired police, military veterans, former government lawyers and other sources to track down Rackstraw.

D.B. Cooper: Investigators Claim They’ve Discovered Skyjacker’s Identity

In , Colbert tracked down Rackstraw at his boat shop in San Diego. Then Colbert pounced on his target, approaching him wearing a wire and hidden camera in his glasses. I told him he might get time served and probation. He'd wear an ankle bracelet and never have to buy a beer again the rest of his life.

Rackstraw denied he was Cooper and refused the offers. Rackstraw would spend years denying he was Cooper, despite Colbert's insistence. Rackstraw died in July, aged But by then Colbert had gathered 95 pieces of "physical, forensic, direct, testimonial, foundational, hearsay and documentary evidence" he said proved Rackstraw was Cooper. He also hit some roadblocks, THR reported. The flight attendant who'd dealt with Cooper on the flight said she didn't recognise Rackstraw in videos and photos shown to her. Then the FBI dropped the case. Colbert said he felt the FBI "bushwhacked" his efforts because he was on the brink of proving the bureau should have brought a case against Rackstraw much earlier.

He also believed Rackstraw had CIA links. Colbert said he believed Rackstraw was a CIA asset, which was why the FBI stopped investigating him in the s, and dropped the Cooper case when Colbert and his team got close to cracking it. But he can't seem to get the necessary people on board. While Rackstraw denied Colbert's claims about him, he never sued Colbert for defamation.

Army Vet's Death Raises Question: Is DB Cooper Dead?

Rackstraw's lawyer, Dennis Roberts, told the THR that was because his client had actually been behind one of many copycat skyjackings that followed Cooper's. New Zealand Herald. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?