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T owards the end of the 16th century, an Arab chronicler wrote of exotic Sultana Isabel, the ruler of a small kingdom under attack by the infidel Spaniard, Philip II. This was a sure sign that Allah was on her side.

This Sultana Isabel, queen of a foreign land, is none other than Elizabeth I. The sharp winds that saved her were the storms that broke up the Spanish Armada, a fleet of ships containing 19, soldiers, in That she was known in North Africa, the Ottoman Empire and Iran, that her merchants and spies were active from Essaouira in the west to Isfahan in the east is a little disorientating pun intended to those of us who know English history from the inside. Captured by Turkish pirates a decade before, he had converted, been castrated, distinguished himself as an administrator, and risen through the ranks.

And why not? And then there is the moment in Istanbul when Thomas Dallam, an organ-builder from Warrington, unveils an extraordinary musical contraption, a gift from Elizabeth to the most powerful man in the world, Sultan Mehmet III.

Like Anthony Sherley, a spectacular chancer and charlatan, who charmed Shah Abbas of Persia into making him a diplomat, then romped from Moscow to Prague to Rome to Venice leaving a trail of debt and discombobulation in his wake. These individual stories form part of a rich tapestry of interaction that was ultimately directed by the geopolitics of the day.

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They sold English cloth and imported silks, sugar and carpets. But there were compelling reasons to seek out Muslim partners in particular.

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There had to be, because fraternising with non-Christians could otherwise be regarded as blasphemous. The fact is, from the s onwards, England was a rebel entity: a rogue state, from the point of view of superpower Spain. The Pope agreed, excommunicating Elizabeth in and effectively encouraging all good Catholics to assassinate her.

Her crime?

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Popular Features. New Releases. England's Janissary. Notify me. Description Kevin Flynn thought soldiering would be a great adventure but on the bloody killing fields of The Somme it became a nightmare.

The Janissary, Elite Troops of the Ottoman Empire

Disillusioned by war, he is unprepared for the bitter troubles dividing his home in Ireland, a squalid back street feud he neither understands nor cares for. Drifting into the ranks of the Royal Irish Constabulary and posted to a quiet rural backwater the peace is shattered by the IRA.