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Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, Lauren was surrounded by music from an early age. Her original musical inspiration came from her parents, in particular the musical family of her mother, renowned jazz vocalist Sharny Russell. She is now acknowledged by her peers as a great composer and performer and was twice a finalist in the QMusic Awards for two of her jazz compositions.

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She is blessed with a magnificent voice, a sound grasp of harmony and sophisticated rhythmic sense. Lauren has been performing professionally since firstly around Australia, and since her move to Europe in , mostly in London, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Vienna. Her desire is to travel and sing and 'to make people feel something' with her music. Lauren launched her all original album 'Hidden Here' produced by Garry Smith to a sold out theatre people in July , and had an encore launch to which people attended.

This album has been received well by the general public and also radio stations across Australia including ABC. The genre is mostly melancholy jazz with pop influences using a jazz quartet and string trio. This has more pop influences using electric guitars, a moog and a hammond. Stunning work.

You're used to seeing her as a funny, goofy redhead on I Love Lucy , but Lucille Ball's career started way before that — and continued for a long time thereafter. See what she looked like off-screen in these gorgeous glimpses at her home and work life. Lucille Ball dropped out of school at the age of 15 to pursue her love of the fine arts and drama.

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In this photo, she's just 22 years old and was a model pursuing a career in acting. Lucille decided to move to Hollywood in when she was offered to play a small, uncredited roll in Roman Scandals.

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Despite having a small roll on Muss 'Em Up , Lucille still helped out on set where she could — specifically in the makeup department. While it's unclear what Lucille is up to in this photo, one thing is for sure: Her slapstick sense of humor was always front and center. In the late s, Lucille worked at radio stations to supplement her income as an actress and model.

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Even though in the late '30s Lucille was still more than a decade away from her lift-changing role in I Love Lucy , she'd been working steadily in the industry for six years. Lucille signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the early s, which helped her gain better roles as an actress and boost her fine arts career. They become closer after Little Pinks saves her dog, but things start to go awry after Gloria's mobster boyfriend becomes violent. Lucille modeled this gorgeous swimsuit back in for Best Foot Forward. Recording Date December 18, - December 20, Track Listing.

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You Move Me So. Country Girl. No Money, No Luck. Ivory Joe Hunter. I Need Your Love. Rainin' All the Time. I'm With You. Stop Putting the Hurt on Me. Watch Yourself. Lucille B.