You Are Fat Because You Eat Too Much

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The finding was so strong, the authors of the paper concluded, that "global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered," they wrote. Rob Ludacer That conclusion makes even more sense when we look at what happens when people try to trim the fat from their diets. In general, they just end up swapping rich or creamy ingredients with foods filled with sugar and carbs. Not only did the low-fat dieters not lose much weight, if any , they also didn't see a decrease in the risk of breast cancer , colorectal cancer , or heart disease — outcomes commonly associated with a healthier eating plan.

Are There Risks Associated with Eating Too Much Protein?

Part of the problem lies in what happens with the rest of our diet when we suddenly try to eat only low-fat foods. Most ready-to-eat items in the "low-fat" category are packed with sugar and carbs.

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Take any common cereal, granola bar, and yogurt and check the nutrition label: they're all high in sugar and carbs despite being low in fat. Meanwhile, studies suggest that both of those ingredients are linked strongly with weight gain. A review of 50 studies on diet and weight gain published in the journal Food and Nutrition Research found that, on average, the more refined grains someone ate like those from processed cereals and granola bars , the more weight they tended to gain over the study period.

So while "low-fat" products are all marketed as weight-loss tools, the reality is these products may contribute much more to weight gain than a fat-rich product with fewer refined carbs. The take-home message here is that fat is a critical dietary ingredient, while sugar — despite being omnipresent in dozens of every day foods — is not.

That means while it takes more work to curb your sugar intake, the available evidence suggests it's a more worthwhile fight than trimming the fat. Search icon A magnifying glass.

It indicates, "Click to perform a search". According to these best selling authors, you get fat because you eat carbohydrate containing foods. All you have to do is to eliminate them and you will lose weight. They even blame the increasing waist circumference of the whole USA to carbohydrate consumption.

As you can see in the above graph from Iraki N utrition , the carbohydrate consumption has significantly declined in the USA, but the obesity rate has been increasing. Before getting in the scientific data that shows carbohydrates are not the culprit for weight gain, honestly ask yourself this and you will find the answer without getting into scientific analysis:.

Why people become overweight - Harvard Health

Do you think you gained weight because you ate too much fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, rice, pasta, and bread? Or do you think you gained weight because you ate too much donuts, fries, milkshakes, and pizza. If carbs alone were the problem, you would gain weight by eating fruit, vegetables, and rice.

But the problematic foods such as donuts, milkshakes, pizza, etc. So they are calorically dense foods. A simple glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts has Calories, and half of these calories come from fat. This donut has Calories of fat, and Calories of carbohydrates. But when we look at this donut, we blame just the carbs. Think again, because Calories of it comes from fat. Less than Calories of this dish comes from carbs. Scientific studies point at the same direction. I am not advocating a high-carb diet either. All I am saying is stop being afraid of carbs and focus on eating nutritionally dense foods.

If every time I had a nickel when I heard someone blaming their slow metabolism for their weight, I would be making money in a really weird way. Also I would have a lot of nickels. Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy burned during rest. There are various ways to estimate your BMR, but the quick and dirty method is multiplying your bodyweight in pounds by This number can be higher if you have very low fat percentage or you are very tall.

What causes obesity?

Your BMR also slows down as you age. That is not an excuse for being obese. The real problem is the calories you burn through physical activity, specifically NEAT. This is the amount of energy you burn during the day with your activities other than exercise. If you observe naturally lean people and naturally overweight people, this is the difference you will see, not their metabolism.

Naturally lean people are usually very active. Even if they are sitting at their desk, you see them fidgeting, tapping their feet, and moving around. They move their hands a lot and they keep themselves busy all the time. Overweight people on the other hand barely move. They can sit at one spot for hours without moving. They take the elevator even for one floor. They take naps all the time.

They barely burn any calories through NEAT.

You keep having “senior moments”

Instead of blaming your metabolism, blame your NEAT. But remember, you can consciously increase your NEAT. Yes the food industry makes a lot of cheap, delicious foods that are calorically dense but nutritionally poor. Yes, those foods can be addictive. Yes, they make you fat.

They also use marketing techniques to make a food sound healthier than it actually is. They hide their sugar in the label by calling it some fancy name. You are the one buying those foods and eating them. You reward their practices by giving them your money. When you go shopping, you avoid the frozen vegetables section like a plague and run straight to frozen pizza section. You are not failing to lose weight because of the 20 grams of sugar in the low-fat yogurt. You are failing because your idea of dieting is switching to thin-crust organic pizza from a regular crust pizza.

9 Strategies to Stop Overeating

The same food industry is also making dieting so much easier. If you pay attention to the nutrition labels, there are many packaged foods that will give you plenty of protein and fiber and taste good. The same food industry flash freezes the vegetables, so you can have fresh vegetables whenever you need. You can stock your freezer with frozen vegetables. Pop them into the microwave for couple minutes, and you have fresh, cut, and washed vegetables on your plate.

When I started to track my calories last year, I was looking up nutritional information on all the restaurants I go to. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent meal under Calories? Even the healthy sounding meals are close to or over Calories.

So, if you eat out often, those calories add up quickly. Do you ever look at the serving size of the packaged foods you eat? Another reason is common sense: The more time you spend awake every day, the more time you have to eat! The less sleep you get, the less energy you have to go to the gym. Lastly, depriving yourself of sleep can actually slow down your metabolism, meaning you burn fewer calories on a daily basis.

The connection goes the other way, too. Those who are overweight have a higher chance of suffering from sleep issues. For example, more than half of those who suffer from sleep apnea are overweight. Carrying around extra weight adds fat tissue to your neck area, and that additional fat tissue can press on your throat as you sleep and cause it to close up briefly. All of this begs the question: What happens to your weight if you sleep too much?

People who sleep for long chunks of time may suffer from depression, cancer, or other issues that can also lead to obesity.